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Exploring Maria Cristina Falls | Iligan City

Located in Lanao del Norte, PhilippinesIligan City takes pride to house 23 waterfalls, one of which is the ever majestic Maria Cristina Falls the main outlet of the country's largest freshwater lake - the Great Lake Lanao.

Maria Cristina Falls is known as the "Mother of Industry" & "Fountainhead of Progress" because it is the main source of electric power enjoyed by the city's industries and the entire Mindanao region. It is also called as the “twin falls” because of the rock that separates it at the brink of the waterfall. This has attracted tourists from various parts of the globe considering also that it is 320 ft. tall, making it the third highest waterfall in the country. 

From the City Proper, take a jeep (Iligan-Buruun) and ask the driver to drop you at the crossing going to Maria Cristina Falls. From the crossing of the national highway and road leading to Maria Cristina Falls, you will be welcomed by a signage NPC Nature's Park. You shall be asked to register at the gate, fill-up some forms and leave an ID. In exchange you shall be given an ID Pass which you will be asked to wear at all times while inside the complex.

Admission Fee: 
Adults: Php 30
Students and Senior Citizen:  Php 20
NPC Nature's Park has a mini-zoo where you can see various animals. 

As you explore the Nature's Park, you can also see beautiful flowers such as these, so beautiful and fresh.

Be mesmerized with the lush environment so vibrant and rich. Waiting sheds are prepared so you can have time to relax and enjoy breathing the fresh air.
NPC Nature's Park has a shuttle car good for 10-14 passengers that would bring you from  this park towards the Hydroelectric Power Plant where the viewing deck of Maria Cristina Falls is situated. 

You can take the stairs towards the power plant. 


NPC Nature's Park completes its entertainment package with the Ultimate Zipline: A Treetop Adventure. 

Before taking the adventure, one needs to sign a waiver, wear safety gears and pay 
Php 200.00. There are available shoes for rent worth Php 50.00 if you happen to wear slippers.

Reaching the first cable station is a bit challenging because of the approximately 200-step stairs going up. You can set your own pace and occasionally take a pose to breathe before going further :D

Then, the zipline adventure officially begins. A group of two or three is applied in reaching thesecond station for individual ziplining. 

My first zipline experience was at the Midway Resort, Initao. I admit I was a bit scared but when I completed the tracks, I said to myself that ziplining is not exciting :D because it's slow paced and somehow boring :D

While observing the operators/tour guides do some exhibitions, my desire to try something new was ignited. It was on the third station that I bravely asked them how it is done. And then I tried...
Hahahahaha... I was amazed after trying hard to put some weight on my back so I could zip upside down. But thank God I made it. 

With much more desire at the final station, I dared spreading my hands and laying through the harness. It was the most memorable and enjoyable zipline experience for me that I would forever cherish. I stayed with this position for a couple of seconds and prepared for changing another twist and be ready for take off. 
Indeed, there is no harm in trying. You just have to belief in yourself that you can and enjoy the entire experience. Thank you to my IBS Family for the friendship and to Sir Pat for organizing the familiarization tour. 

I will also try wall climbing soon. This one was under repair when we visited Nature's Park 


enjoy the beauty of nature, adventure and self-nurture. 

Photo Credits:    Adventures in Life | Travel Jams | Joys in Life | Jerame Beneros

Thank you so much. God bless :-) 


deehan1914 said...
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deehan1914 said...

Hi Sir!!! Great blog!!!! I miss this place more! the last time I went here, there was no zipline yet.That was last April 2011. I want to go there again!!! I miss you Sir!

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