Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day Tay

Dearest Tatay,

Happy Father's Day to you Tatay. Just want you to know how grateful I am to have you as my father. I am still amazed how you and Nanay raised 8 of us despite challenges in life. I could still remember how you thrived in earning money to feed us. I wouldn't be what I am now and what I will become had it not for your perseverance and sacrifices. 

My graduation in high school has been very challenging to you because I will pursue my college education. It remains fresh in my mind how eager I was to enroll but there was apprehensions on your part on how to support me financially. It brought me to tears because I know the economic situation we are in. After deciding that I will take the entrance exam at Mindanao State University, Marawi City (MSU), the problem intensified as to where can we have the money for my trip. Then, you opened your "alkansiya" (piggybank) so I could go to MSU. Thank God it was good enough for the trip, entrance exam fees, board and lodging and other expenses in 1 month. Those hard earned money brought me to MSU where my dreams were further shaped and strengthened. Thank God for the university with a very cheap tuition fee and a place where everything is highly affordable. It is for this reason that I admire you the most. You were hopeful that my journey would be fruitful with the help of my brother and sister who were equally willing to support me throughout my student life. Thank God for my brother and sister. I had one goal then, to finish my course within four-year time so I could find a job and help our family.
As the youngest of the 8 siblings, "homesickness" was the greatest struggle I had to face and everytime I can talk with Nanay through PLDT, I burst into tears because I miss being with you and I was worried then who will accompany you at home. There was even an instance when you requested Nanay to fetch me at MSU and continue my studies near our place. Thanks to Brian - one of my best friends who convinced me not to go home prior to my Nanay's arrival in MSU. More gratitude to you Nanay for heeding my decision of not going home with you. But tears further flooded when you returned home. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu... This is just a parcel of everything I went through and I am just thankful for all the struggles.  *
To you Tatay and Nanay, no words can express how happy and thankful I am to have you in my life. Continue your hopes for me and for our family that one day we will experience great happiness. I pray to God that He will give you both good health so I can share with you the achievement of my dreamed successes and let you experience how beautiful life is. From the depths of my heart, thank you so much whatever it is... You are loved... As I end this letter, tears joined me to express what I really feel. Salamat salamat salamat salamat...

May God bless us all.

Your youngest son,

P.S. You can click this link to know how my life in MSU went until I succeeded.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary ENTREP 110 PAHAYAHAY RESTO

"Truly, it is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eyes..."
- The Little Prince
Behind every success is a story, a journey with a challenged beginning and a worthwhile ending. 

On June 15, 2010 at exactly 10:00 o'clock in the morning, a group of 39 BSBA Entrepreneurial Marketing students marched the roads of MSU to promote the GRAND OPENING of ENTREP 110 PAHAYAHAY RESTO, a business they established as a partial fulfillment of the aforementioned degree. They were very excited as they showcased to MSU constituents their business. A song composed by Jason Arban served as a musical background as they continued the parade. Also, a chicken mascot made by Mr. Arban and worn by Kimley Medina entertained the audience. It ended at 11:00AM which was followed by a short program.  Here are some photos showing the event.
Prof. Potre P. Riga, the ever supportive Dean of the College of Business Administration together with Prof. Amerah Guro and Prof. Ma. Stella G; Codas joined the affair.
The cutting of the ribbon headed by the Dean of CBAA  commenced the formal start of the venture. It signified a remarkable beginning for a fruitful ending.

Welcome to Entrep 110 Pahayahay Resto. Be amazed with its unique design,  great ambiance and delicious as well as nutritious foods.
Here's the logo with the main offerings such as buko halo, grilled chicken and chicken in pandan leaves. 

These are the happy faces of the practicumers during the opening despite the fact that almost 140 kilos of chicken meat was spoiled due to early purchase and poor refrigeration. It was identified when they were about to serve the customers. Immediately, they bought 3 kilos of chicken meat and eventually coped up by continuously procuring when funds were already available and orders increased.

The first day of business ended greatly considering that they were able to have more than Php 18,000 gross sales. It was indeed successful. Congratulations for a job well done. From then on, shifting of schedules was implemented allowing them to take a rest after a tiring business operation. 

These are but a parcel of the whole story. Hence, I would also like to feature the preparation period as this is equally important with what transpired in the actual operation.

Planning plays a very significant role in the success of any undertaking and Entrep 110 Pahayahay Resto just went through a tedious and lengthy process. These are the moments unknown to many but had a great impact on how the students pursued against overwhelming odds.
Approximately, 1,500 questionnaires were prepared and have it distributed to various colleges of MSU. This was to determine the demand of the respondents for a food establishment that they are willing to patronize. Having known favorable responses, the students proceeded with the business plan. 

Part of the process was pretesting / test marketing. During the CBAA Foundation Day last year, they made a mini restaurant at the CBAA grounds by using tents, tables and chairs. They offered their specialty including grilled chicken, buko halo and chicken in pandan leaves. With favorable customer reactions, they were confident that these products will be salable because of great taste.

The oral defense came which terrified all of them. Prof. Eugenio J. Manulat, Jr. and Dr. Perla M. Calunod were the panel members together with RSC as their adviser. The defense went well with several comments from the mentors including revision of some parts in the business plan. More so with the best of luck for the business implementation
A capital of Php 200,000.00 paved the way to establish the business. After looking for a location at the commercial center, procurement of materials for renovation was needed. Purchasing then was very challenging that required the practicumers to have a hands-on monitoring throughout the tasks. I witnessed how hard it was specially reaching the far flung forests of Suarez, Iligan City to buy buko.

They also sold veggie burger, tapioca and banana salad to raise funds for the business. 
What amazed me is the fact that these students have hidden talents and skills ready to be shared. I would love to mention Jonathan Isito who acted as the electrician and technician, Jason Arban as the artist in many genres including music, Gendry Bongcayao as the chef, John Mark Montenegro as the manager and all of them having potentials ready to be unleashed. Indeed, it was a convergence of talent, creativity and personality that made the preparations easier. 
With the hired carpenters, the students were happy joining them in completing the renovation.
The MSU golf course served as their venue for meditation and destination after a brisk walk for a couple of times.
We are thankful that Mr. & Mrs. Andrada of JECOs encouraged the students to pursue the business and learn from it. They also shared personal experiences about business in general. Our gratitude extends to Prof. Teresita Sanchez of CHARM for additional inputs and motivation. 

Sleeping has always been a very good way to relax after a tiring task. The resto served as a new home for some of the practicumers. The room was the common place for everyone to take a rest during the day as the operation went through.
Of all the experiences, happy moments are the most unforgettable. Teasing was the common medium of making daily encounter exciting and enjoyable. Aping, ngipon, negro, inday, I love you panget bleehh, agas na?, are you?, ang itum baya, waaahhhh, mecmec, momeee ohh, kinsa manghugas, ang tigulang nga c broder, ako next lesai, dish out please, kuya bantayi ang gawas, haahhhayy way customer, and apili ko og kopiko were the most common conversations throughout the semester. What makes me laugh to date is "NAGBAHA NA" because the water from the hose kept flowing when everybody is still sleeping and would leave it unattended. The result is "flood on the floor" :D
Students have always loved "outing," an outlet of releasing stress and rejuvenating everyone's strength. 
Like any other teacher-student relationships, it has to culminate for reasons beyond control. Nevertheless, communication continues until everyone meets. I thank God for this wonderful journey, a doorstep for more learning and realizations. Indeed, the most crucial part of a college education is the practicum. It integrates every lessons taught in the class for four to five years of student's stay in the academe. It is also the most challenging course one has to take inorder to finish a certain degree. 
These are the moments we shared. I believe one day, we will revive this with a higher level of enthusiasm, hope and cooperation. Everything that happened is worth the experience. As future entrepreneurs, we would be willing to traverse a path less traveled. As one of the owners of Iligan Computer Institute in Iligan City said: "It is nice to have your own business. The challenge is very tough, but the reward is fulfilling."  

We might have lost the capital investment, but we have gained valuable lessons relevant in life. May our desire to become entrepreneurs flourish and eventually apply it to be realistic.

Happy Anniversary Entrep 110 Pahayahay Resto. Thank you, whatever it is. God bless.

You can watch the video by clicking this link . Enjoy watching. Thanks

Saturday, June 11, 2011


The famous Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) reality show continues to amaze millions of hopefuls to become the next big winner. With the exorbitant monetary reward, fame and unforgettable experience, everyone is excited to try one’s luck of joining the roster of housemates and be the ultimate winner. After a series of successful regular seasons and special editions, PBB prepares for another exciting season this year. Iligan City was chosen to be one of the venues of a tiring and terrifying screening process, a great chance for its constituents to be the big winner.

Excited participants visited St. Michael’s College as early as 6:00PM on Thursday to personally check the venue and possible release of application forms. Most of them were accompanied by their moms and some relatives. Some meters away were keen observers of what’s the update. Some ABS-CBN crew and SMC’s security personnel prepared tents and other materials for the audition. 5 participants enthusiastically pronounced they’re 100% ready and are willing to give their best shot should they be asked to show their talents and amazing life stories. One of whom was Adones from Tambacan who has been a drummer of a local band and a father of 5 kids. He proudly shared his “adaptable” personality and “dream” of giving his kids a comfortable life.

            The day of audition came and thousands of participants from various places in Mindanao converged at the venue with the hope of becoming one of the housemates of PBB. It’s good to see vendors selling bottled water and food items to help everyone combat hunger and thirst, considering also that many didn’t have breakfast just to fall in line very early. Accordingly, a total of 2,471 individuals joined the audition. They patiently waited for their turn that took them almost 4 hours before entering the gate of SMC and another 2 hours before encountering the first elimination round with Direk Laurenti Dyogi and his head writer as jurors. Approximately, 370 participants were fortunate enough to proceed to the second round with emphasis given to his/her unique, and maybe tear-jerking life story.

        The first elimination round ended at 7:00 o’clock in the evening when everyone was so tired. There were happy faces suggesting success for the unforgettable experience, heightened chance of becoming one of the housemates and relief after a tedious process. 

The event went so well. Congratulations to the organizers consisting of the Iligan City Government Personnel and ABS-CBN Crew. Coordination of both parties was evident because everything went under control. The choice of the venue was equally great because it facilitated smooth sailing flow and St. Michael’s College has facilities necessary for the activity including amenities for everyone’s comfort.  Direk Lauren also voiced out his appreciation for a well-organized event.

Keep posted for what transpired during the entire screening process, the participants whom we interviewed from the first elimination round to the second and the role of Iligan Bloggers Society during the audition. Be excited as well to know who among the participants will join the Pinoy Big Brother Season 4.

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