Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tinago Falls Escapade | Iligan City

Iligan is the home of 23 majestic waterfalls, a blessing that makes it to be called as the city of waterfalls. One of the highly visited waterfalls is the enchanting Tinago Falls. “Tinago”is a Filipino term which means hidden. It is suggestive of where it is located and how it can be reached.

The Enchanting Beauty of Tinago Falls

Going to Tinago Falls is quite a challenging experience especially for first-time goers. You need to hurdle approximately 423 steps to reach the bottom. However, you can set a pace that you are comfortable with by taking a rest before you continue to the next lower levels of the stairs.
You can also enjoy the sound of rushing water so pleasing to the ears. You will be excited to move further until you reach the bottom. There and then, your strength will be rejuvenated with the cold water touching your skin like that of a spray. You will be fascinated with its cascading waters from a 190 ft. rock as well as the lush environment. 
With its beauty so unique and fascinating, movie producers got attracted to include it as one of the settings of ABS-CBN’s Forever and A Day featuring Sam Milby and KC Concepcion. Both of them and the crew were amazed with the enchantment Tinago Falls brings.

 Good Location for Swimming:

The basin-like pool formed from the waterfalls is a good location for swimmers. With its immeasurable depth, life vests are available for rent worth Php 20.00. It’s a basic requirement to all those who would love to take a plunge in the lagoon. 

The bamboo raft entices a group of individuals to take a ride on it with a Php 5.00 charge to each person. To savor the experience, everyone should cooperate to reach the little cave just below the cascading waterfalls. It will be a great source of fun after accomplishing the challenge. A 2-3 minute stay in the cave is enough before you run out of breath. Haha.
For adventurous individuals, swimming towards the cave is a much exciting experience. Without bragging, I always do it whenever I got a chance to dive into the Tinago lagoon :D. Quite pleasing it is on my part to reach the little cave with much exhaustion. Haha.

There are also areas to climb and then dive. It’s very challenging because there is no harness but it’s still manageable if you really want to. I tried it and wow!!! Jumping from a 160 ft. tall rock is exhilarating. As a precaution, untie the vest because it will cause harm due to the impact of plunging into the water. Also, one needs to be careful as the eardrum may be affected because of the water pressure considering its depth.

 From the city proper, take a Buru-un route jeepney. Ask the jeepney driver to drop you at the Buruun Market  (talipapa). Minimum fare is P12.00. 
 From there, take a motorcycle and ask the driver to take you to Tinago Falls. Minimum fare is P10.00-15.00
If by cab: From the city proper, minimum fare is P150-200.

Admission: P10.00/person 
Contacts: Call the City Tourism Office to provide you a tour guide. Tel No: (063)221-3426

Information Credit: Iligan City Tourism Office


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