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Dream… Believe… Survive

Dream… Believe… Survive

These are three of the proven ways to achieve success. These are actions that successful men and women have portrayed. And these are powerful affirmations that I want to follow.
Good afternoon fellow toastmasters and guests…

Success is a very precious word. It is something that every man on earth wants to achieve. But the question is, How do we get there from where we are now. Again, How do we get there from where we are now.

Allow me to share with you these three simple steps that I learned from reading motivational books, listening from successful individuals and living the example.

First is to DREAM BIG. Dreaming is a process of setting goals, an awareness of what it is that you want and the foundation of great fortunes.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the famous Rich Dad Poor Dad Series, one has to write his goals because if these are not written, they become mere wishes which can hardly come true. Bo Sanchez further added that when you write your dreams, forces of nature will work in your favour. It’s as if the universe will conspire to make your dreams come true. This facilitates visualization of dreams; that is to say, seeing yourself successful and having everything you want. Moreover, John Assaraf has consistently shared his story of becoming rich. He used to have a collection of photos showing mansions, money, cars and everything he wanted to have. He kept viewing it and later on in life, he became very rich and famous as a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

Here is an example of a vision board and I also have a video presentation reflecting my dreams in life. I am indeed hopeful that one day, I will achieve all these. As one adage says “A man with a dream will never be denied.”
Photo Credit: Google.com
Second is to Believe in Yourself and Have Faith in God.

You have to believe in yourself when no one else does. That’s what makes you a winner, says Venus Williams, an Olympic gold medallist. Try to be confident. It may be hard at times, but it will be fulfilling. I used to be a shy-type of person in my high school and college days. I never raised a question to my instructors and never ever volunteered for class recitation unless needed when grades are at stake.

I have gained self-confidence because of my dream of becoming rich, significant and successful. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I remained hesitant. For instance, last July 19, 2011, I happened to join a club meeting in Singapore after our educational tour there. I was reluctant at first to join the table topics. The voice within told me to participate and thank God, I was able to deliver my answer so well that I was awarded as “Best in Table Topics.” I didn’t expect it because the winner is determined by the highest number of votes from those who attended and all of them are Singaporeans. Thank God I made it. 

If you have a lot of limiting beliefs because you are conscious of what others may think of you, perish the thought. I like Dr. Daniel Amen’s 18/40/60 rule. When you’re 18, you are so conscious of how you appear to other people. When you’re 40, you don’t give a damn what anybody’s thinking of you and when you’re 60, you will realize that nobody’s been thinking about you at all. So quit worrying of what other people may say about you. They are too busy thinking of what you might think about them.

Another important lesson is that you should keep your faith in God no matter what happens. The divine intervention is so powerful that will make you stronger, braver and hopeful. If you are a bit frightened, ask God for guidance and you will be amazed how you handle your fears successfully.

And finally, the third step is: Survive the Test. In moments of unbearable trials, just keep going. Donald Trump always says, “never give up. Never ever ever give up.” The moment you lose focus is the moment that you will dwell into problems. Focus on the solution and never on the problem.

There has been a series of challenges that I face and everytime I wanted to quit, I am reminded of my aspirations in life, my family and my faith in God.

We should remember that Fortune goes to those who take massive actions. This is a bit demanding but this is the plausible way to make things happen. Excuses are not acceptable. Just do things that will make you successful.

Indeed, success is a matter of choice. Choose to be successful or the other way around. It is simply a progressive realization of a worthy ideal, a combination of baby and giant steps towards greatness.

Let me ask, does everyone in this hall want to be successful? So, all of us, regardless of age and status, will dream big, believe in one’s self and have faith in God as well survive the test.

Dream… Believe… Survive…

Good afternoon.  

(Speech delivered during Toastmasters International meeting @ Cagayan de Oro City)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mindanao State University celebrates Golden Jubilee

Mindanao State University celebrates Golden Jubilee on September 1, 2011. For 50 years, the academic institution has consistently provided quality education to the people of MINSUPALA Region from all walks of life. Our gratitude goes to Dr. Antonio Isidro as the founder and president of this glorious institution. 
To date, the main campus has more than 40,000 alumni across the globe. They are the living legends of MSU’s great contribution to their well-being. Anywhere in the world, alumni proudly brings TATAK MSUan, a title so precious with unequalled set of experiences. As said, “One can survive the tests of time anywhere if he is an MSUan.” That is to say, wherever an MSUan goes, there is that passion to overcome life’s challenges considering a 4-year drudgery in the mountains of Marawi City. 
Taga MSU-Main Campus jud ka kung?... is a group created in facebook networking site where thousands of the alumni share common experiences, frustrations, struggles, joys and successes. These reflect a common ground of giving thanks to their Alma Mater for without her, one can hardly imagine what he has become. All the hardships and deprivations are worth it. 

This coming September 1, most if not all will converge in the premises of MSU-Marawi Campus, to say hi and hello to their batchmates, former professors, crushes and other acquaintances. 


The MSU Administrators, Faculty, Staff and Students gladly welcome you all to the 50th MSU Founding Anniversary!!!
Feel the atmosphere of festivity as you will be welcomed by a parade of tarpaulins with greetings for MSU: Happy Golden Jubilee !!!
Be amazed once again with the colorful decorations of various offices and colleges ready to accommodate you.
It's inspiring to note that the alumni in various places have their unique plans of going to Marawi. These are a bit funny but signify one thing: Everyone is excited to be home once again.
If it's your dream of sailing across the lake, join the voyagers on the 30th of August and explore the magnificent LANAO LAKE. It's serene waters remind us of its contribution to the community and even to Iligan City because it is through Lake Lanao that Iligan has the majestic Maria Cristina Falls - the source of hydroelectric power in Mindanao. 
MADANG: tag piso nalang due to abundant supply serves as a "viand" for some students. Everyone gets excited during its peak season because one can have it at a very affordable price.
The MSU Golf Course: an avenue for relaxation, studying lessons, rehearsals and "dating" hmmmmm... How I miss this place that whenever I get a chance to be in the campus, I always find time to visit and meditate. 
PATER!!! One of the specialty (ies) of Marawi City. A brisk walk in the morning deserves a reward at the Pateran sa Forestry... hmmmm... nam nam... 
And of course, the magical SAYOTEEEEE......... For sure, everyone has eaten viands made from sayote... Ginisa, with egg, tinola and a lot more are dishes an MSUan enjoys... Naa lang usahay sa kilid sa dorm, sa cottage og sa kabukiran... Kuha na og lutoa... Solved na ang pamahaw, paniudto og panihapon... hahaha
These are just  some of the things that everyone misses. 

Let us all celebrate this Golden Jubilee with gratitude, humility and commitment to spread the good news. Mindanao State University is also a living proof that Mindanao is a peaceful place. With thousands of graduates every year, this must give everyone the idea that Mindanao like any other place in the country, is a good place to visit and even reside. To all alumni, you and I are diplomats and ambassadors of peace to our fellowmen and to all the people in the world. We have lived a life in the academe that more than proves the essence of acculturation. 

(Ba't naging seryoso... hehehe)

IKAW, anong namiss mo sa MSU at gusto mong maranasan ulit??? Punta na tayo sa MSU and let's celebrate :-) God bless everyone... :-) Thank you, thank you :-)

Photo Credits:
MSU Alumni 
Olympio Lopez Jr Design-Build
Jemar John Recorba Gomez
Angelo Zamora  
Tom Mascarinas 
Raul Monton 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Meaningful Holy Week at Dapit Alim

“There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from,” says Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.
It was by no coincidence that on March 20, 2008, Brian, Ma'am Genine, and I finally decided to spend Holy Week at Dapit Alim, Lanao del Norte - a place I was not then familiar with. My curiosity was intensified when we were welcomed at the roadside by a very distinct mark - a unique wooden sculpture of an opened hand.
Consequently, we hurdled two hundred forty-three steps to reach the place and mind you, the stride was breath-exhausting aside from the fact that we brought bulky and heavy luggage.
A beautiful arch on the main entrance entertained us while waiting for the other Catholic Young Professional (CYP) members: Te Juliet, Te Mae, Lowella, and Junjun to lead us because we were newcomers to the place.
Before we were fetched, we decided to attend the ongoing Holy Thursday Mass celebrated by Fr. Dong Galenzoga
It was then that I observed the captivating shrine of the giant Infant Jesus seated at the heart of the Father. The statue is meaningful with its two hands extended that portray a message: "God embraces and welcomes every creation for a purpose. 
It was not until the second day, Good Friday, when I fully observed the totality of the place because we were introduced to the different areas gradually. That exposure led us to see the statue of the white Virgin Mary, the unique confession area, the fountain designed with two big hands, the sculpture of "tentacles" purposely created for bonfire and three other exceptional concentric circles that added to the ethereality of the place. 



Accordingly, these are works of the famous Kublai, a contemporary artist in the country whom I highly admire for perfectly designing the symbolic statues of God. On that same day, we attended a very elaborative lecture given by Brother Carl Gaspar about important topics like God's creation, social sin, ecology, etc. What struck me was the teaching about avoidance of social sin, i.e. we need to be responsive to what is happening in our society and be involved in our quest for truth. Moreover, emphasis was also given to global warming as the effect of man's irresponsibility to the environment. I really felt the guilt because I neglected some of my actions like improper disposal of some trashes. This is indeed a great challenge for all of us to be environmentally conscious and have the courage to lead others to do the right thing.
On the other side, I was also amazed with the dramatization rendered by the youth of the nearby places to give life and meaning to Christ's sufferings. Indeed, it touched the wounded child in me especially when Jesus Christ received all the painful strikes, curses, and belittlement from the oppressors. The actors were really good in portraying their respective roles that some pilgrims cried eventually. The Stations of the Cross started at 1:00 PM and ended at 6:00 PM in which many of us no longer felt the boredom knowing that we had been into many activities. It was also my first experience not to eat even bread during lunch and I was just worried of the possible dehydration because of the exhaustive procession in a mountain with a gleaming heart of the sun. Despite this, everything was worthwhile. Suffering in the context of sacrifice during Holy Week is realistic and made more meaningful.

Sabado de Gloria approached and at 6:00 o'clock in the morning, we experienced Shibashi, a healing exercise with the help of nature. Everyone felt relief after the ritual. 
We were also tasked to put flowers on the tables before lunch and we enjoyed it. Brother Carl once again conducted a lecture from morning to afternoon and summarized it. Every day ended with great lessons inculcated in our hearts and minds. Aside from this, we met new acquaintances whom I consider special in my heart. I really miss them.

On the dawn of Easter Sunday at exactly 4:00 AM, we joined the "sugat" or the meeting of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. Some brought lighted torches to enlighten the gloomy path of the dawn. It was then followed with a Eucharistic celebration and happiness surrounded the place because Christ has risen. After the holy mass, the pilgrims from MSU joined together for video and photo documentation. Then we had a meeting at the chapel where everyone shared their experiences. Thanksgiving, suggestions and recommendations were raised and we ended it with the song "Let There Be Peace on Earth." Then, a hearty and meaty brunch was served for everyone's delight and refreshment. At exactly 2:00 PM, we bade goodbye to Father Dong  and other people. I felt sad because I would miss the bonding that we had. On the other hand, I was also happy because I am now equipped with valuable lessons that will help me become a better person. 

The journey to Dapit Alim is a truly remarkable experience. It has been proven once again that one will have no regrets to visit the place because of its mesmerizing panorama and the realization one can have. Dapit Alim, which literally means "healing place" is indeed a place where all our burden, stress, and pain will be healed; no wonder why at the very foot of the hill, a big hand is well-designed to suggest healing. It is by God's grace that we were renewed and were able to affirm that with God's resurrection, everything will be well.

Thank God.


    xony86.tripod.com –

Thank you so much. We barely had copies of photos when we visited the place way back 2008, hence photo credits... 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

IBS facilitates Google Mapping Party in Iligan City

        Online access to information regarding streets, establishments and tourist spots of a particular locality defines Google Map’s primary purpose. On July 30, 2011, Iligan Bloggers Society facilitated the Google Mapping Party for Iligan City. The rationale of the said activity included the following: to support Google’s campaign on Community Mapping for Red Cross Search And Rescue Operations; to accurately map out the community by locating establishments, hospitals and evacuation centers; to correct street names and landmark locations; and to update relevant information.                                           

     On a Saturday morning, 18 enthusiastic residents of Iligan headed towards the Sangguniang Panglusod Hall to join the Google Mapping Party. They happily wear the T-shirts given by Google Philippines and started to prepare their gadgets for a whole day task. 

      The program started at 9:30AM with a prayer and singing of the national anthem. Mr. Pat Noel, an IBS member shared the objectives of Google mapping and welcomed everyone to the affair. Moreover, Mr. Jerick Vicente Almeda, a BS Computer Science student explained the How-to's and Getting Starting Guide of Google Map Maker. He was assisted by Ms. Lai Marie Mirasol, the project manager in giving additional instructions. There and then, the actual mapping started. Everyone got so busy navigating through the map and encoding names of the streets, establishments and other important locations.

      To keep them energized, a lunch break was allotted. Thanks to Jacko’s Kan-anan for the delicious food. The mapping party continued where everyone focused on updating the map and proudly expressed their accomplishments. Then came the grand entrance of two men bringing two-extra large pizzas wrapped in a huge cartoon. Everyone got excited and was ready to get a slice. Thanks to Calda Pizza for the fulfilled promise. Indeed, it rejuvenated everyone’s strength late in the afternoon.

       At 4:30PM, Ms. Charmaine Xy-za Yape, the IBS President, commended everyone for the great accomplishments on that day. She presented the areas with updated streets, establishments and other locations. Indeed, the Iligan City Map is left with new white marks, red dots and other signs indicating a well-coordinated effort of those who attended. Awarding of certificates followed where everyone shared a big smile for the token received.

       Ms. Lai Mirasol, the project manager formally closed the event and thanked the following for a successful Google Mapping Party: Google Philippines for the cool shirts; Vice Mayor Henry C. Dy through the City Secretary for the Session Hall; City Administrator’s Office through ICTC for the WiFi connection; City Planning and Development Office for the LCD projector and the screen; City Tourism Office for the information sourcing; each participant who joined and labored love on updating the Iligan City Google map; Jacko’s Kan-anan; Calda Pizza; and Iligan Bloggers Society members who are the prime movers of the event.

        Being part of a worthwhile undertaking is indeed a great experience. It just commenced a simple activity calling for a commitment to continue updating the map of Iligan City. This is a noble way of promoting the city to the world as a nice place to visit. With just a click on Google Map, navigating and finding a location would be easier.

        Thank you everyone for joining us. Indeed, a concerted effort yields amazing results. Thank God for the great success.  

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